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My Coaching Services

"You fail only if you stop writing.” ~Ray Bradbury

Free 20-minute Initial Consultation

Let's see if we're a good match. I've worked with hundreds of writers at all stages of their projects from vague thoughts to readying for publication. You tell me what you're working on and I'll tell you how I see bringing support - planning, story structure, writing fundamentals, script consulting, setting up a writing schedule, deadlines, overcoming resistance and self-doubt, and so much more. Let's have some fun keeping you in the flow with your writing.


Working with Nanou

What would it look like for you to be your best writing self? Let's make a plan to get you in motion from where you are now (initial idea, first draft, final edit...) to where you want to go.​

Cover to Cover

You've written a novel or a memoir. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! No small feat. Ready for a critique? As a developmental editor, I will read your entire manuscript and give you insights on what's working and what's not and, most importantly, how to fix it.


Let's see this on screen!

After producing four award-winning feature films, I can tell you what's going to translate to a compelling movie and what isn't. I will give you notes on character arc, plot, theme, story structure and best writing practices to help you make your script the best it can be.

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